Welcome to the Bowie Band

Not David Bowie, but sort of the same thing, because we are talking about music here.

That said, thanks for stopping by.  You’ll soon find yourself in the warm, comforting abode we like to call bowieband.com.  She’s a work in progress, she is.  Sort of like a ship without a rudder, keeling haphazardly in the northern gales.


But not for long.  For you see, we are building this site by the minute.  As you read this first blog post, rest assured, dear reader, that we are bringing you more up-to-the-minute informational content goodness for your hungry eyes.

Fear not, oh reader.  For your wait will be rewarded, much like the taste of water to a desert traveler long deprived and delirious with thirst.  You know the feeling?  Alas, so do we!


Read on, read on, oh weary traveler.  We shall soon meet again, whether here on terra firma, or above and beyond.

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